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Municipal Law

Few aspects of the legal system have more immediate effects on residents and businesses than municipal law. The region’s residents and businesses depend on municipalities to provide a wide range of services, and to maintain a well-ordered, healthy and safe community. 

That’s a big responsibility for municipalities. Fortunately, KingSpry’s municipal law team is there to help. Our municipal law attorneys help keep our local communities running smoothly and efficiently by providing cogent guidance in a variety of municipal matters. 

KingSpry: Helping the Region’s Municipalities

Residents and businesses count on their municipalities to provide a variety of core services and amenities, including water and sewer utilities, waste collection, roadway and bridge improvements, parks and recreation, police and fire protection, education, and economic development. Each of these areas raises potential legal issues that require resolution.

KingSpry’s experienced municipal law attorneys provide research, recommendations, and representation, to municipal clients on issues as diverse as their services – allowing clients to focus their energy on meeting the needs of their constituents.

Diverse and Comprehensive Municipal Law Services

Our municipal law team regularly assists clients with legal services in the following areas:

  • Municipal Governing Body Representation
  • Sunshine Act/Open Records Act
  • Zoning/Subdivision and Land Development
  • Labor and Employment
  • Federal and State Litigation
  • Civil Rights Disputes and Litigation
  • Public Works/Construction Law
  • Procurement/Public Contracting
  • Municipal Utility Systems
  • Transportation
  • Condemnations
  • Economic Development
  • Affordable Housing/Housing Authorities
  • Environmental Law
  • Public Finance
  • Enforcement of Ordinances
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Municipal Taxation
KingSpry: Serving Municipalities, Strengthening Communities.
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