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Public Finance Law

Municipalities and agencies must often issue general obligation bonds or revenue bonds in order to fund the construction, development and or renovation of key community infrastructure capital projects.

Lehigh Valley Public Finance Law

The issuance of such bonds provides an invaluable stream of financing for cities, counties, school districts and other municipal entities – work which must be performed with extreme care. That’s where KingSpry comes in.

Kevin C. Reid is KingSpry’s Public Finance Practice Chair.

Our public finance law team has decades of combined experienced helping Pennsylvania and Lehigh Valley communities through a variety of financing structures, including long- and short-term fixed and variable rate issues, revenue and credit enhanced issues, and tax-exempt (and taxable) debt issues, with the goal of providing funding for a variety of capital projects.

To date, we have participated in financings raising more than $5 billion for the communities we serve. This includes general obligation/revenue bond financing for capital improvements to streets, roads, bridges, libraries, fire and police stations, county and school district facilities, as well as stadium financing, sewer and water authority financing, lease/rental financing, tax-exempt and taxable transactions, and restructuring transactions.

KingSpry’s public finance law team also serves as underwriter’s counsel, trustee’s counsel, and bank counsel.

Experienced Across the Region, Recognized Nationally

KingSpry is a nationally recognized, Red Book listed bond counsel firm, and a member of both the National Association of Bond Lawyers and the Pennsylvania Association of Bond Lawyers. We have been selected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Office of General Counsel for inclusion on the panel of approved bond counsel for:

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of the Budget
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (“PHFA”)
  • Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority
  • Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority
  • Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority
  • State Public School Building Authority
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Facilities Authority
  • State System of Higher Education
  • Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority
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