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Meet the Team

Our legal professional team brings a wide range of experience in education, special education, employment and civil rights litigation to help clients tackle any legal matter. Collegiality is our approach to solving problems quickly and efficiently.”

- John E. Freund, III

What's Happening at KingSpry?

Greyfriars Institute

KingSpry’s own conference center offers regular seminars and workshops designed to promote learning and professional development among our clients and associates.

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When All Else Fails: The Role of Progressive Discipline in Terminations

KingSpry and Greyfriars Institute present a lunch & learn workshop on the role Progressive Discipline plays in terminating a school employee. SECOND SESSION ADDED.

Legal Issues for Schools with Transgender Students

KingSpry and Greyfriars to present a lunch & learn workshop on legal issues for schools with transgender students. The class is free for clients and friends of the firm, but registration ...

What Title VII Means for Your LGBT Employees: The Supreme Court Is Deciding

KingSpry and Greyfriars team up to present a look at three LGBT-related Title VII cases before The Supreme Court.