KingSpry | Act 84 Requires School Board Emails To Be Public

School Board Member Email Addresses to be Public

Posted on October 30th, 2020
by Rebecca A. Young

Act 84 of 2020 requires all public school entities to publish email addresses for their Boards of Directors.

Signed on October 30, 2020, the Act adds a section to the Public School Code.

Within 180 days, school districts must establish e-mail addresses for each member of their boards of school directors. The email addresses must then be published on the school district website in a location and manner that make them easy to find and publicly accessible.

The law states that members of the public, school staff, and students may use these email addresses to communicate directly with individual school directors regarding school district matters.  Representative Brown, sponsor of the law, intended to bolster communication for members of the public that are unable to participate in school board meetings.

The law applies to charter schools and their Boards of Trustees within the same timeframe and in the same manner.

Bottom Line for Schools

The law requires all public school entities to take action within 180 days.  Schools should consult with appropriate IT staff and their solicitors to discuss processes and internal procedures.

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