KingSpry | PA Supreme Court Overturns School Mask Mandate

PA Supreme Court Affirms Commonwealth Decision, Overturns Mask Mandate for Schools

Posted on December 10th, 2021
by Jonathan M. Huerta

On December 10th, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed the Commonwealth Court’s decision overturning the Wolf Administration’s mask mandate for K-12 schools.

In what will likely be the final chapter of the roller coaster school mask mandate saga in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed the Commonwealth Court’s November 10, 2021, order voiding Acting Secretary of Health’s masking requirement throughout Pennsylvania’s schools. The decision is effective immediately.

Pennsylvania’s high court has yet to release an Opinion and reasoning for the decision. For now, the decision to require masks has been returned to local control.  

Bottom Line for Schools

The impact of the decision will depend on individual school district’s and school board’s decisions concerning masks. Schools should continue to review guidance from the CDC and the Commonwealth and reach out to counsel when making these difficult decisions.

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