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Beyond the Failure To Pay Rent: Preparing an Eviction Case for Litigation

In this webinar, real estate attorney Karley Biggs Sebia discusses tips for preparing and presenting eviction cases for litigation. Topics include drafting a legally compliant Notice to Quit, identifying and preparing witnesses for a hearing, identifying documents and other evidence for use at a hearing, fatal errors to avoid when presenting an eviction case, and “tricky” issues that may arise in evictions involving criminal activity and/or the conduct of a tenant’s guest.

KS Webinar

What Act 85 Says About Inheritance Taxes and the Family Farm

In 2012, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 85 which provided two powerful inheritance tax exemptions for owners of family farms and agricultural property. In this educational webinar, Estate Attorney Ryan Fields shares an overview of Act 85 and subsequent revisions.

In this video, we will discuss life and planning before Act 85; analysis of Act 85 and recent amendments; changes in planning based on the new law; what types of property and assets can be exempted from inheritance tax; how to stay in compliance with the law after exemption; and completion of a sample Inheritance Tax form claiming the exemption.

KS Webinar

What Happens To My Stuff If I Die?

Estate Attorney Paul Frank discusses Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, when to see a professional advisor for comprehensive planning, and he offers a few tips on how to communicate your wishes with those closest to you.