Estate Attorney Avery Smith Planning During Pandemic

KingSpry Partner Avery Smith Chats about Planning During Pandemic

Posted on May 5th, 2020

This past week, KingSpry partner and estate attorney Avery Smith sat down with Kelly Rindock of Steel Valley Investment Group of Raymond James – McLean Team to chat about estate planning and how KingSpry is pivoting during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to continue to provide legal services to our clients.

Because of the pandemic, Attorney Smith says she and the other members of the Trust/Estate department have had to get creative, but they do have options for clients to draft, review and have their documents witnessed and notarized. She meets with her clients over the phone or virtually through a platform such as Zoom or Skype, drafts the documents, then goes through everything with them step by step.

“The Powers of Attorney are a bigger challenge because the law requires two disinterested witnesses and for most people, they are with (household members) during the stay-at-home order who are clearly not disinterested parties,” Smith says. “We are working to get virtual notarization in place in our office to help with that.”

If you have questions about your estate planning documents, please contact your legal counsel or one of the Trust/Estate attorneys at KingSpry.