KingSpry | FFCRA Provisions for Parents with School Aged Children

FFCRA Provisions Can Help Ease Parental Burden

Posted on August 31st, 2020
by Ellen C. Schurdak

If you are a parent on the eve of schools reopening wondering “how can I make this work,” the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) has a provision that may help.

In the video clip below, KingSpry partner Ellen Schurdak looks at eligibility for intermittent leave if an employee has school-aged children who will be attending virtual school this Fall.

The FFCRA is designed to give emergency coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligibility can be determined by asking questions such as will the child be enrolled in virtual or hybrid school? Can the parent work from home, or does their job function require them to come into the office?

“All this is novel and evolving,” Schurdak reminds us as she shares some best practices for moving forward.

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